Principal And Teacher Viral Video Download | Principal And Teacher MMS Video Download

Principal And Teacher Viral Video Download

Principal And Teacher Viral Video Download | Principal And Teacher MMS Video Download: The principal of a high school in Chhattisgarh’s Kanker district was arrested.

The folks in charge of the area have barred him from working since he was discovered doing something illegal.

On the internet, there was a video of him and another person doing something private at school.

Something serious occurred at a school in Chhattisgarh. The principal, or the person in charge of the school, did something extremely wrong.

They used a school storage area to perform nasty things and have bad pleasure. The residents discovered and covertly recorded what was going on.

As a result, the principal was in trouble and was unable to work. A video went viral on the internet, shocking many people.

The video shows the principal of a government high school and some female staff members performing inappropriate activities on school grounds.

This video quickly went viral on the internet. Some people who lived near the school suspected that something horrible was going on, so they recorded everything and posted it on the internet.

So, there’s this recording of the person who might be the main person involved. They’re talking to someone else we don’t know the name of.

In the recording, they’re offering money to this other person so that they won’t share a video on social media or the internet. This recording spread like crazy on the internet!

Principal And Teacher Viral Video Download

So, there was this video that got really popular on social media. In the video, the school boss was apparently talking to someone who wanted to give him money so he wouldn’t share a certain video online.

The people who lived in the village didn’t like this at all. They told the big boss of the area, who is called the District Collector Chandan Kumar.

The big boss then looked into it and checked what happened. Turns out, they did an investigation and found that the school boss did something wrong.

The head person in charge of education in the district, who is named District Education Officer TR Sahu, mentioned that they got a complaint and checked things out.

When they looked into what happened, the big boss decided to stop the school boss from working for some time. This happened on a Thursday.

Principal And Teacher MMS Video Download

A teacher’s unprofessional behaviour was captured on tape in a recent incident at a school in Chhattisgarh.

Despite requests from local officials to stop his acts and leave the school, the principal ignored these warnings and continued his wrongdoing. As a result, he was fired from his job.

After receiving a complaint regarding the incident, the District Education Officer launched an investigation.

A spokesperson, Mr Aggarwal, stated, Following the decision, the school’s principal and a teacher have been suspended.

The services of a temporary instructor who first reported the incident have been terminated. A teacher and a school inspector were also given a show-cause notice.

The EMC’s education department’s zonal deputy director was issued a severe warning.

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According to the Delhi Commission for Women, when pupils alerted the principal and class teacher of the occurrence, they were ordered to be silent and forget about it.

Surprisingly, no CCTV cameras were installed at the school’s entrance or on the premises.

The principal of a high school in Kanker, Chhattisgarh, turned it into a haven for his vices. He was having an unlawful connection with a married female school employee.

According to reports, all of this has been going on for the past 9 years. People caught him red-handed during this time, but no action was taken owing to a lack of proof.

People recorded a video about it and it went viral, so the collector suspended the accused principal.

This is about a high school in PV 39, Indraprastha village. Rajesh Pal is the principal. He allegedly had a covert relationship with a married female middle school Teacher.

This was fine until they openly celebrated their romance at school. They even got together over the school holidays and spent time in a storage room near the principal’s office.

The villagers were aware of the situation. They Oppose It Many Times But The Principle Did’t Stop There.

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So there was a problem at the facility, and they had a meeting to discuss it in late February. The unusual behaviour of the female staff member was immediately terminated.

The schools that used to be combined for middle and high school were split apart. However, even after this, neither the school nor the cluster coordinator informed the BEO.

Then, during the meeting, BEO Kejuram Sinha revealed that a complaint had been received from the school on April 18th. They investigated and issued a report to DEO.

In Principle Statement He Told, I am a married man who works as a principal in Delhi. However, I am involved with the Maths instructor, who is also married.

When she came into my office one day, I asked her to close the door. We came closer as she did. We have a special bond and participate in intimate activities on the school grounds.

She unzipped my trousers and knelt during one of these instances. While performing an intimate act, she was aware of our presence and placed her palm on her chest to ensure her apparel was okay.

I must admit that I enjoyed this experience and even shot a video of it.

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